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BOTOX ® COSMETIC - Wrinkle Treatments

Experience the dramatic disappearance of unwanted facial wrinkles with Botox® Cosmetic. Botox therapy is a popular and widely used approach to treating wrinkles of the forehead, frown lines, laugh lines and crow's feet without surgery, without downtime and without scarring. At Flawless Image & Health your expression lines, forehead creases, and crows feet can be safely and effectively treated with Botox®. The beauty of a BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment is that it's a simple, 10-minute, non-surgical process. A few tiny injections, and within days there can be a noticeable improvement in the moderate to severe frown lines between the brows that can last up to 4  months . In patients who have had several previous wrinkle treatments, results may last 6 months or longer

Facial muscles contract every time you laugh, smile and frown Wrinkles develop over time due to a number of factors: collagen breakdown, hormonal losses, cellular changes, damage by free radicals and muscle movement among other factors. Ultimately even those who follow strict skin regimens and avoid sun exposure cannot completely avoid expression. 

cost of Botox injectionsOur facial muscles contract every time we show expression. When we raise our eye brows in astonishment or bring them together during times of anger, we use facial muscles. As these muscles contract, the overlying skin creases and over time these lines become more pronounced
causing wrinkles.

Wrinkle Treatments

Botox Cosmetic® is an FDA approved brand of botulinum toxin. It is a safe, effective treatment for wrinkles and frown lines. Botox® targets and relaxes the muscles responsible for wrinkle formation to give the face a rejuvenated look. It does so by blocking nerve impulses that normally travel to the overtaxed facial muscle. Botox injections use tiny micro-needles that deliver precise amounts of liquid to the targeted area. Although the procedure is simple, Botox injections should only be undertaken by an expert, certified physician. The effect from your Botox® treatment will last from four to six months. At Flawless Image & Health Dr. Macaulay uses only Allergan Botox Cosmetic®  and customizes an individualized treatment regimen for every client’s face using the FDA approved concentration and dilution to insure long-lasting results.

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