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"Erase The Signs of Aging"

IPL PhotoFacial Skin Rejuvenation is a non-invasive treatment that uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to erase the signs of aging from the face, neck, chest, and hands.

At Flawless Image & Health, using the Palomar Starlux Pulsed Light and Laser System, we have the specific capacity to treat many signs of aging skin on your entire face and body. Among these are fine lines, red blemishes, broken blood vessels, pigment discoloration such as freckles and age spots, enlarged pores, coarse or rough skin, loss of skin tone and elasticity, and general sun damage. The result is a youthful, smooth and revitalized facial appearance. IPL can also treat spots, discolored areas and other tell-tale signs of aging on your hands, chest and neck.

IPL PhotoRejuvenation treats a wide range of skin conditions including the following:

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Fine lines
Red blemishes
Broken blood vessels
Pigment discoloration such as freckles and age spots
Enlarged pores
Coarse or rough skin
Lose of skin tone and elasticity
General sun damage

During your Photo Facial Laser Skin Treatments, a glass IPL hand piece gently pulses light onto the area of the skin being treated. Treating a pigmented lesion with the pulsed light results in heating the melanin. The damaged lesion is then naturally sloughed as the skin exfoliates.  pigmented lesionsSimilar results are seen in the treatment of vascular lesions. The absorption of the light in oxyhemoglobin, de-oxyhemoglobin, and the resultant thermal action inside the blood vessels result in intraluminal coagulation, vasoconstriction, and damage to the vessel endothelial lining, all of which contribute to the degeneration and disappearance of any visible vessels. After treatment, vascular lesions constrict and fade from view, while pigmented lesions darken and crust, and are naturally sloughed from the skin within a couple of weeks IPL Photo Facials are generally administered in a series of 4-6 treatments given every 3-4 weeks.

IPL is gentle, non-invasive and safe. Because of this, there is no "down time." You will see results in the complexion and the skin texture of the entire face. You can return to your normal routine and activities immediately. Following your Photofacial, you may experience some flushing and bruising. When that subsides, your skin will be soft, smooth, and younger looking. Additionally, treatments are individualized to your specific skin type and tone, which provides the best possible results.

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