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Vascular Lesion Treatments

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Imagine being free of unsightly veins on the face and body and other unwanted vascular skin imperfections. At Flawless Image & Health our non-invasive Palomar StarLux™ Pulsed Light and Laser System safely and effectively treats undesirable redness and facial veins including facial telangiectasias (fine red lines), spider veins,  rosacea, birthmarks, leg veins, and cherry angiomas (dilated capillaries).

Vascular lesions on the face and body develop from a number of causes. Spider veins are thin superficial capillaries most commonly seen on the legs and face. They can appear as red or purple in color and as strands or clusters. These dilated capillaries are often provoked by sun exposure, pressure, hormonal changes and heredity, to name some common influences. For instance, many women tend to develop leg veins after pregnancy due to increased pressure and hormonal changes or those with rosacea tend to have a weak capillary network under the skin which is often genetic. Some individuals develop a red flushed complexion due to over use or abuse of harsh skin care products while others develop red broken capillaries around the nose due to aggressive extraction. Although the exact cause is often unknown, these spider veins and other vascular lesions can be effectively treated with the appropriate technology.

spider Vein TreatmentOur state-of –the-art technology allows us to treat vascular lesions without surgery or other procedures that require an extended hospital stay and long recovery. The procedure is painless and does not require anesthesia. The laser aims carefully controlled pulses of narrow-wavelength light at the damaged veins without damaging any surrounding skin tissue. The veins absorb the light and heat up, then collapse and close. They are then gradually re-absorbed by the body leading to the disappearance of any visible vessels. Normal activities can be resumed immediately

Noticeable improvements are seen within weeks of your first visit. During your initial consultation, Dr. Macaulay will review your medical history, discuss your treatment options, and customize an individual treatment regimen to assure you reach the best possible outcome, free of unwanted vascular lesions!

Vascular Lesion Treatments
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